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Sketch Engine

Sketch Engine is a leading corpus management software developed since 2003. It allows people to study how words behave in context.
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SkELL is a very simplified version of Sketch Engine – a web interface for English language learning targeting students and teachers of English.
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Text Corpora

We are specialists in building, management and analytics of very large (billions of words) text data known as text corpora. We possess corpora for over 80 languages. See our overview of corpora.

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Word lists

We can deliver corpus-derived wordlists including a number of statistical characteristics (raw frequency, document frequency, n-gram statistics etc.), and also advanced annotation like part-of-speech tagging or lemmatization. See our overview of languages.

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Language Tools

We have developed or integrated large number of tools for corpus building and processing, including an efficient web crawler, a deduplication and boilerplate removal toolkit and a universal tokenizer. Most of the tools are open source and available through our corpus.tools portal.

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Terminology and Translation

We are providing solutions for monolingual and bilingual terminology extraction and terminology checking as well as assisting tools for translators exploiting our large multilingual text corpora. See overview of features.

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Legal counselling

We have a long-term experience with legal counselling and providing expert witness services thanks to collaboration with top experts in lexicography and linguistics all around the world.
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For over 10 years we have been providing consultancy in lexicography and corpus linguistics, advising on dictionary projects and corpus building initiatives for many languages. Our solutions have been used for producing dictionaries and corpora worldwide.
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Lexical Computing is ...

... a research company, founded by Adam Kilgarriff in 2003. It works at the intersection of corpus and computational linguistics, and is committed to an empiricist approach to the study of language, in which corpora play a central role: for a very wide range of linguistic questions, if a suitable corpus is available, it will help our understanding. Its strap line is ‘corpora for all’. It has a leading corpus query tool, the Sketch Engine, incorporating ‘word sketches’, one page corpus-driven summaries of word’s grammatical and collocational behaviour. To be able to provide corpus services, we need corpora and other language data and are now covering over 80 languages with our tools and solutions.